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Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces


Our Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces are made from the same delicious free-range bison bully sticks as our Bison Chews Product, but come in a wider variety of shapes and sizes to keep things interesting for your dog.  Our Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces are an excellent choice for dogs with food allergies.  Our customers love our Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces (and our Bison Chews) because they have a natural aroma that dogs simply love and are odor free, all because of the care that we take in preparing our ingredients.  Pamper your pooch with these premium quality, free-range bully sticks and chews.  Our Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces come in assorted sizes. These free-range bully sticks and chews are high protein, low fat snacks. They provide hours of chewing pleasure, and, as an added bonus, help keep teeth and gums clean. All natural Bison Chews Bits 'N Pieces are an all natural and healthy alternative to bully sticks and chews made from rawhide or manufactured ingredients. Our bison are humanely raised in the United States and Canada without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Proudly made in the USA.

Ingredients: Bison

Dogs should be supervised when consuming chews and bones, including this product.

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