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Our story begins in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, a haven for people dedicated to an all natural lifestyle (including for their pets). My wife and I are life-long pet lovers, and had a large family of rescue pets, including a St. Bernard named Ralphie and a cat named P.C. (aka the Perfect Cat).  Like many pet parents, we have always read pet food labels very carefully.  Due to safety and quality concerns, we wanted to feed our pets only food and treats made in the USA.  We weren't satisfied with the quality of pet treats on the market and refused to feed our pets anything with an ingredient list that required a degree in chemistry to understand.  We also didn't trust large multi-national manufacturers of pet products to source their ingredients, especially their meat, in the United States, and to do the right thing when it came to choosing quality, all-natural ingredients over profit.  Above all, we love our own family of dogs and cats and wanted to provide them with all natural, grain-free dog treats that don't have any toxic preservatives, chemicals or hidden ingredients that could make them sick.  To solve this problem, Boulder Dog Food Company LLC was born.
ralphe.jpgFrom the beginning, we wanted to source all of our ingredients from USA sources to ensure their quality and safety, and to use fresh, human-grade ingredients.  We aimed to develop a product line that we would always feel comfortable giving to our own pets and that we could share with other pet parents who had the same quality concerns that we did.  To this day, more than 12 years after founding Boulder Dog Food Company, L.L.C., our family of rescue pets, our grandpuppies and our employees' furry companions enjoy all natural gourmet treats and chews from Boulder Dog Food Company LLC.
We started out with a healthy and highly palatable dog food made with free-range bison meat. Bison is an excellent protein source and an ideal meat substitute for dogs with allergies to beef and chicken. From the beginning, we believed that our meat treats should be sourced only from humanely raised animals, and shouldn't have any artificial anything that could make our own pets sick. Our bison come from free-range herds in the United States and Canada, where the bison are fed without the use of steroids, antibiotics or added hormones. After an enthusiastic reception from Ralphie, we developed Bison Wafers, Bison Jerky, Bison Chews and many other bison dog treats.  Ralphie never got tired of our fresh-baked treats after years of eating them day in and day out, and to this day, our employees and owners feed their own pets our all natural fresh-baked treats.
Even though Ralphie loved the bison line of treats we developed, he liked variety in his snacks. We went on to develop all natural, grain-free treats made from cage-free chicken and turkey, lamb, humanely raised cattle, and more recently, wild caught salmon. Again, we made sure that the poultry was sourced from farms in the USA and was human grade.  Our poultry is raised humanely without cages and fed a high quality vegetarian diet, which adds to the wonderful flavor of our treats. And we found a source for wild caught salmon from the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, again USA sourced. Our salmon treats are so delicious that my own grandpuppy whimpers every time a small bag of our Salmon Filet treat is opened in his presence.
As soon as our family of dogs was satisfied with our gourmet, all natural dog treats, trouble started brewing with our seven rescue cats.  Even though their lives were far from easy before they joined our family, they quickly became accustomed to a lifestyle of gourmet eating. After seeing that P.C. (aka Perfect Cat) was attracted to Ralphie's all natural Boulder Dog Food Company treats, we realized that our cats deserved their own gourmet treats because, after all, cats have their own special needs and demands and love all natural meat too. Hence, Boulder Cat Food Company LLC was created just for cats, young and old alike.
Cats are notoriously finicky so we launched a varied line of products to appeal to different taste preferences. They are all made with pure 100% USA sourced meat. Chicken Crunchies, Turkey Treats, and Bison Bits are all specially pc.jpgformulated for, and loved by, cats.  And for some cats who simply can't make up their minds we offer a mixture of all the treats in our Kitty Mix. More recently we introduced a line of seafood treats for cats, including Calamari Confetti, Shrimp Cocktail and Salmon Temptation.
Every day you'll find us busy in our Boulder kitchen baking the ultimate gourmet dog and cat treats with the highest quality ingredients.  We started our line of treats out of love for our own dogs and cats, and a deep belief in feeding dogs and cats only natural, chemical-free gourmet treats that are made from human grade meat sourced in the United States. Our products do not have any cheap fillers, meals, or any toxic ingredients (such as mold-inhibitors) and when you open our treat packages, you and your furry companion will be able to smell the quality difference.  Further, when you read the ingredient list on our labels, you can rest assured that the list is short and all natural.  Each of our products is scientifically researched, tested and formulated to provide the best nutritional content for health and longevity. We love offering them to our family of dogs and cats, as well as to yours.
We hope you and your pets enjoy our treats. Please feel free to send us a note to let us know how you and your furry companions like our treats!  Boulder Dog Food Company is a family owned company with 100% of our operations in the USA.  We're proudly creating jobs in the USA and making dogs and cats happy worldwide with our treats.  Thank you for being a customer and for visiting our website.
Ed Withers
Manager, Boulder Dog Food Company L.L.C.
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