Humanely Raised Animals

Our bison come from free ranging herds in the United States and Canada. Our cattle and lambs come from free ranging herds in the United States. Their digestive systems readily convert grasses, legumes and herbaceous plants into protein. The animals eat and live as Nature intended. These animals are raised without added hormones, antibiotics or steroids.  

Bison are grazing ruminants with a four-chambered stomach for food digestion. One of the stomach chambers, the rumen, is highly structured to ensure that forage based food is retained for a long time. Consequently, bison feed less frequently than other ruminants but a large quantity is consumed at each feeding. Longer retention of forage in the stomach means that bison are ideally suited to digest the high fiber foods found in a free range environment.

chickens.jpgOur poultry comes from a highly reputable, privately owned poultry operation in the Western US. Chickens and turkeys are social animals and they are raised in large climate controlled poultry barns that allow them to move about freely. Clean water and feed is available at all times. They mature naturally without growth hormones or steroids. They are fed a highly nutritious, balanced diet composed primarily of corn and soy meal, with vitamins and minerals added. All feed ingredients are approved by the FDA and USDA and are sourced from US suppliers.


Our salmon are wild caught in the waterways of the Pacific Northwest, where the salmon live in a humane and natural environment.

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