Customer Reviews

We're so grateful for our wonderful customers! Here are a few reviews. 


As long time customers we could not be more happy with the exceptional service and quality of the treats. Our cocker spaniel Kirby cannot contain himself when I go to the cupboard and he sees the chicken strip bag. Every night it's the same ritual--he begins staring at us around 7 PM until we get the strips. After he feasts on the strips he eats his Fromm dinner and then about an hour later he has his chicken liver biscotti snack. He also gets chicken & turkey bits as a treat after he comes in from outside. Thanks for letting us feel that we are giving "our best friend" a safe, nutritious and delicious treat. 

-Jim & Jane 

Your bison chews are perfect for dogs with food sensitivity / allergy issues (which both of our dogs have). When I go to visit my sister, I try to bring a few of the bison chews with me for Zuri. It is so cute - he smells them the minute that I walk in the door and will nudge my suitcase with his nose until I open it and give him a chewie. Thanks so much for continuing to make great products. Ella and Zuri both love them. 


The Brussels Griffon, Olive, is so excited for these [Chicken Bits]! They are her favorite! 


When my parents came to visit their grandkids and our new rescue puppy they brought a bag of bison cubes as a gift. We love them so much I just put in an order for 3 more bags. I choose not to feed our family artificial food and additives. This goes for our animals too. I love everything about your product and your company. I only wish did not live in the middle of Kansas and I could go buy right from your store. Shopping is Boulder is so much more fun than paying postage!


Hope you had a great holiday! Huge fan. My pets just love all your products. Great to see you on FB. Make it a great day :) 

-Tamar R.

My dogs love all your treats. They especially love the chicken bits and I use them in the show ring as they are not greasy or messy and you can put them in your pocket and not mess everything up. They can chew them up really fast too so it doesn't distract from their performance. 

-Charlene S. 

My Labs, Buster and Crabbe will do tricks to get the bison wafers. They're a great training tool. I've given them as gifts to my dog lover friends. Thanks for the great treats.

-Karen S. 

Kirby, our Cocker Spaniel, can't thank you enough for his chicken treats - he does cartwheels in the kitchen when he sees the chicken bag. We have NEVER had a more quality treat, ever. Kirby's coat is rich and full like never before and we attribute it to your superior products and his gourmet dog food. Don't cut back on quality. Keep up the good work.

-Jim & Jane

Chloe, an English Bulldog, loves to eat. I like to buy treats for her that are healthy and all natural. She goes wild when I open a bag of Bison Jerky. She can smell it as soon as it's in the house and sits in front of the pantry door until I give her a piece (or two). It's a great reward.

-Garrett W 

My cat, Giovanni, is a very picky eater. What he likes one day he hates the next day. But he loves these bison bits - every day. He obviously doesn't get bison in his regular cat food so these treats are very special. As soon as you open the bag you can smell a nice roasted meat aroma. They smell good even to me! It's a premium product.

-Chris S 

I must tell you that getting my golden retriever to free bait and stack in the conformation ring has never been easier since I found your bison wafers. At home, he knows when I have opened the huge ziplock bag that contains the wafers-- he will run the full gambit of his tricks for a tiny morsel. Kudos to a fantastic product!

-Melissa J.

LOVE your products!!! Also enjoyed reading the detail about your products on the website. Warm regards from a satisfied customer! 

-Tamar R. 

Hi there! 
I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know how much I love your products. My dogs and my client dogs absolutely love everything. I also wanted to thank you for remembering the small businesses like me that don't have the option to get products that come through big distribution centers. Those big trucks won't go down my street. I am so happy that I am able to get your products to provide for my clients. When I have a new client that wants to feed better food and treats, Boulder Dog Food treats are the first thing I tell them about :) 

Thank you again! 

Dear Mr. Withers:

Bow, wow, wow! Woof, woof!

A few days ago our doorbell rang and I confidently accompanied my mom to the door (for protection purposes). There was a package addressed to my dad, but it had my name "written all over it" when I read "Boulder Dog Food Company." I frantically danced as I picked up the scent and finally my mom opened it to reveal packages of Chicken Bits, Turkey Bits and Chicken Breast Strips!

To say I was excited would be an understatement. My Aunt Cheryl was here and she got the honor of giving me my first Chicken Breast Strip which I immediately consumed. She told me how helpful and informative you had been when she called to inquire about your products and their shelf life.

I just don't know how to express my gratitude or that of my mom and dad, but will just say you have gained some loyal customers through your kindness. I was always fond of Chicken Bits, but I now have added two very delicious new items to my cuisine. As I prepare my Santa letter, your products are at the top of my Christmas wish list. I've been thinking they would make great gifts for my feline and canine friends as well.

Well, I hate to run, but I think my mom is calling me for an afternoon treat…maybe it will be turkey this time! Thanks again so much.

Bark, bark, bark. 

My dog loves it (Chicken Breast Strips)!! Love the fact that it is made in the US, with no preservatives or chemicals. 

-Gayle T. 

My chocolate lab has severe food allergies. It's great to find these treats for her. 


Hard to believe my little Spencer loves the bison caps so much we have to have them hand carried to France! Thank you for always taking such good carry of us. Really appreciate it.  Thank you again! Mary I love this store. Was introduced to it via Facebook by Surf dog Ricochet and am so thankful for it. Haven't tried anything yet that my boys don't just love. And customer service is the best! Thank you. 


We're really pleased with your products! Our kitties love a few liver treats with their dinner, and a few chicken or turkey crunchies at bedtime. Our grandpuppy likes the kitty chicken treats so much we're going to try the chicken dog treats too. 


Thank you! Our dog, Sparrow (a black lab-Rottweiler) adores your bison cubes and tendons. The tendons provide minutes, rather than hours, of chewing pleasure...but for Sparrow, those are some pretty satisfying minutes! 

Greetings! We added another member to our family who loves the bison wafers as well! I also referred my sister to you back in November. Her new pup loves your treats as well. Thank you.


My dog will not eat his food if I don't put sprinkles and bits on top of his food lol!!! 


Our cats love your chicken and turkey treats. Thank you for your great products. 


My border collie love these much he got into the whole bag and ate the whole thing! From now on, it will be kept in a hard to reach place. These are the best training treats! We visited our friends in Boulder and they recommended them to us. 


My dogs just love these treats! Thank you. 

-Pamela C 

My Rottweiler loves your Bison Cubes, and they make a fabulous training treat : ) 

-Sandra C 

Thank you for "Made in USA" & free shipping - our dog loves your products. 


Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning. Your treats are very high quality, good value, and all our pets love them!  Our dogs and cat are seniors ranging in age from 11 - 13 1/2 years.  My daughters and I buy the best quality treats and food for our pets and I am thrilled to have discovered your company. 



Hello! I placed an order last Wednesday afternoon after my Golden Retriever, Gracie, found some of your Bison Bones at our dog groomer's home. (her dogs had already enjoyed them once!) I never expected such prompt, wonderful service! We received the bones, plus some additional treats, on Friday and my dog loves them! We just had fun out in the backyard with the Lamb treats you included in our box - she just about managed to sit and wait obediently while I used them to entice her in our game. Thank you so much

-Rosemarie & Gracie 


I received my package of dog treats today. I am amazed with your customer service and quality -- quality service, quality packaging, and quality items. Thank you also for the surprise treat samples! That was amazingly generous and much appreciated. I am so happy that I found your website. Thanks for offering healthy, pure, natural, chewy treats for my very sweet and allergic GSD. Have a happy 4th of July! 


Your customer service is the most friendly every time I call in to place an order. I think Ed usually answers and he is so nice. I have the shin bones quartered as my dogs are able to get so much more out of them. They can't get to the center. I have 2 doxies and a terrier/poddle mix. They love them plus the bison jerky, turkey and chicken bits. I feel good that I am giving them top quality treats that come from humanely treated animals. Thanks. 


Thank u for taking such care in shipping!!! Never have an issue with the wonderful treats u provide!! My two Boxer girls love your bison! Thanks, 




Very fast shipping. Since I reside in the same state as the company, I received my item the very next day! Will order from them many more times in the future! 

Fast delivery. Always a great product. 
-Aaron E. 

I've placed many orders with [Boulder Dog Food Company]. They are always very helpful and friendly. They are also very generous in including samples of different treats they think my dogs will like (which is a safe bet since my dogs like ALL their products). I pay more for these all meat treats but my dogs LOVE them and they are worth it. The treats are fresh, nutritious and made in Boulder, Colorado! 

-Karen J.