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Bison Liver


Our Bison Liver treats provide a high quality protein snack, consisting of a broad spectrum of essential amino acids that are necessary for a dog's health. These are not nutrient-deficient treats consisting mostly of grains or fillers and empty calories, but 100% pure bison liver. In addition to this premium protein, bison liver contains an array of important vitamins and minerals including vitamin A, many forms of vitamin B, folic acid, and critical minerals such as iron, copper and zinc. Bison liver is also rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly when it comes from grass-fed bison. Finally, bison liver, along with bison heart, is one of the best sources of CoQ10 or coenzyme Q as it is commonly called. Coenzyme Q assists every cell of the body in producing the energy needed for cell growth and maintenance. It has been claimed that gram for gram, liver provides more nutrients than any other food. Most nutritionists agree that the highest quality liver comes from healthy animals that spend their lives on free-range pastures. Our bison are humanely raised in the United States and Canada with no added hormones, antibiotics or steroids. Proudly made in the USA. 

Ingredients: Bison liver.

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